DIY // Flower Halo

What you'll need : 
Foam Flowers / Fake Flowers

 How-To :

I've been alilttle obsessed with flower halo or flower headband lately . I really like how this turn out , I actually made this an hour before I get ready for a christmas event in college . Its super easy and quite cheap compare that you buy one online or at the store . I been doing my own accessories lately cause most if the stuff that i want , its either hard to find in Malaysia or they are really pricey . So i learn to do it myself . 

This is my first DIY so please comment down below and tell me what you think and how can i improve cause there will be more DIY post coming , i promise =) 

My OOTD with my Flower Halo 



  1. it's so sweet.. DIY tattoo please~ XD


your comment made my day =)