Jeffrey Campbell ankle booties

Christian Louboutin pumps

Yves Saint Laurent pumps

Converse sneaker
Max Star Platform Converse sneaker (see more converses)

These shoes are to die for.I'm obsessed with these shoes when i first saw them on the internet , these shoes are really popular among the fashion youtubers . I just doing this post as a excuse for myself to look at all the fabulous shoes all day long . 

My mom always says that i'm crazy that i'm in love with all these shoes because most of them are killer heels and its impossible for me to wear it in Malaysia. I dont think there will be a problem as long as you wear them to the right place and never blame the heels are too high , just blame on Malaysia road if you fell down. 

Telling the truth , i'm not very good at wearing high heels yet , but what the hell owning these shoes are not only about wearing them , sometimes you will feel satisfied when u just look and stare at these shoes all day =) 



your comment made my day =)