Q&A About Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes/Crazy Colour Hair Dye

Q:What is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye ?
A:Hair Color that can only last for few washes .

Q:What is the difference between Permanent Hair Dye Color and Semi Permanent Hair Dye Color ? 
A:Most of the Semi Permanent Hair Colors comes in a more striking and brighter color like pink , blue green and etc . Permanent Hair Dye colors are more towards brown , black or grey . Permanent Hair Dye Color appears to be more natural and they color will be more dull compare to Semi Permanent Hair Dye Color . Semi Permanent Hair Dye would not damage your hair .

Q:How to dye my hair in bright colors using Semi-Permanent Hair Dye ? 
A:The only way i know how is to bleach your hair. If you want to have really bright light color or pastel color like cotton candy pink and lilac , you will need to bleach your hair till Platinum blonde . For darker color like turquoise , blue , violet , red and etc , bleach your hair till dirty blonde or strawberry blonde it will do .

Q:How to fix the ginger color or orange color on my hair after i bleached it ?
A:You can use hair dye toner to remove the ginger color . 

Q:How to make your bright hair color last longer ?
A:Leave the hair dye on your hair for a longer period.Wash your hair with cold water and prevent using anti-dandruff shampoo.

Q:What brands of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye are more well-known ?
A:Manic Panic , Special Effects , La Riche Directions , Renbow Crazy Color , Stargazer 

Q:Which brands of hair dye are much more affordable for students ? 
A:La Riche Directions & Renbow Crazy Color . This two brands of hair dye are much more affordable compare to Manic Panic and Special Effects . 

Q:Which brand of hair dye you personally recommend to people that would like to dye their hair in bright colours
A:I would prefer La Riche Directions for now , cause this is the only semi-permanent hair dye that i've tried for now. 

Q:Which brands of hair dye you would like to try next ? 
A: I would like to try the Renbow Crazy Color after i finish or my La Riche Directions's Hair dye . I would really like to try Special effects too because i've read alot about them on the internet . 

Q:Where can i find these in Malaysia ?

A:So far , you cant find any of these in Malaysia yet . But i'm actually helping people to pre-order these Semi-Permanent Hair Dye myself . If anyone of you are interested you can leave me a msg on my facebook here or send me a email at ryokosee@gmail.com

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    1. ya , email me at seereena_93@hotmail.com

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    1. ya it is still available . you can send me an email at ryokosee@gmail.com

  6. Hi, sent you an email regarding the hair dyes. Was wondering if you're still selling them? Thanks :)


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