LazyCooking // Kombu Salad

Everybody that knows me , sure they know that i'm a really lazy person . I'm more lazy in cooking cause i hate that you'll will ended up will alot of dirty dishes when you just try to fill up your own stomach . So i google-ed and i created some of my own cooking recipe while at the same time i'm trying to eat healthily . 

Kombu (Japanese昆布) is ediblekelp from the family Laminariaceaewidely eaten in East Asia [1]. It may also be referred to as konbu(Japanese), dashima (Korean다시마dasima) or haidai (simplified Chinese:海带traditional Chinese海帶pinyin:Hǎidài). Most kombu is from the species Saccharina japonica(Laminaria japonica),[1] extensively cultivated on ropes in the seas of Japan and Korea.[2] Over 90% of Japanese kombu is cultivated, mostly in Hokkaidō, but also as far south as the Seto Inland Sea.                                            Source from wikipedia 
You can actually get kombu that soak in salt in korean market and dried kombu at japanese market (Isetan) . Both are actually the same but the kombu that i'm using is soak in salt . The dried one will work just fine for the salad too =) 

Today's Kombu Salad is super easy , you will only need 
  • Kombu
  • Tomato 
  • Soy Sauce 
  • Vinegar ( apple cider )

  1. First , you will need to wash the kombu and soak it in the water for awhile , at the same time boil some hot water . 
  2. Next , soak the kombu in the hot water for a minute and pour the water away .
  3. Cut some tomatoes , and cut the kombu with scissors if the kombu are too big to consume . 
  4. Mix it together and pour some soy sauce for flavoring . ( If you have no tomatoes , add some vinegar and soy sauce )  
  5. Ta-daa , you have it your Kombu Salad . You can add some white sesame if you have it . 

You can eat this as snack or you can eat white rice or dried noodles . Give this a try , and leave a comment tell me what do you think about it . For you information , i'm currently addicted to this , and i eat this almost everyday now for a week as my dinner =) 



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