The ugly truth of dipdyed hair

I've got a perm for my hair recently and now my hair is curly on top and straight at the bottom (my pink hair) . The photo below at the left side is a photo of my hair before i perm it and at the right side is the photo of my hair after the perm .


When i was getting my perm i was really sure about what kind of curls i want , i wanted beach waves like Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Hudson hair . 

For you information , I actually do permanent hair straightening (rebonding) for the past six consecutive years . And i stop doing it last year and my hair look really gross . Frizzy and curly on top half of my hair and really straight at the bottom rest of my hair . Some of my friends actually advise me to straighten my hair again =(
I dont really want my hair to be straight again so i decided to get my hair perm . 

My hair stylist explained to me that my hair wouldn't turn out like what i want it to be because of my pink hair at the ends . My hair was extremely bleach out to platinum blonde before i add the pink hair dye on . My hair is practically dead and if my hair stylist would perm that part of my hair , my hair will eventually break out and turns frizzy like instant noodle . If your hair becomes frizzy because of perming , dying and etc etc , it cant really be rescue anymore by anything . 

So my hairstylist actually recommend me to leave my pink hair alone and only perm the rest of my hair  =)

So guys , think before u dip dyed your hair kay ? 



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