Recover All your Lost photo

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Okay recently I kind of lost all my personal photos in my hard disk . I have no memory of deleting all the pictures myself or how it happen. So i've been google-ing and search for photo recovery software .
I've downloaded a few software to try to recover my photos but all of them required you to buy the software on orders to save all your recovered photos . I'm a student myself so i cant really afford to pay for the software , and i wont really use it that often not like everyday i delete all my photos right ?

Then , i went youtube and search for " free photo recovery software " , and i finally found the software "PhotoRec " that solve my problem . Wyeeeee #peacesign

PhotoRec helps recovers all the deleted files including photos , movies , and etc etc . PhotoRec software have the interface that looks similarly like command prompt on your computer .

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Read more here for more photo recovery software if this doesnt work for you =) 

Oh ya , there is a lesson of the day . Dont take naked or nude picture of yourself or other people #lol , cause they can recover all your deleted photos that you dont wish people to see . I dont think you guys want to ended up like Edison Chen scandal

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