Phor Thor

     Phor Thor is a celebration held during the Hungry Ghost Month . The Chinese believe that on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, the gates of hell would open and that the dead souls would be free to roam amongst the living. The Chinese would placate the 'hungry ghosts' by burning incense, making food offerings and performing Chinese opera on makeshift stages.                                                                                    source from Wikipedia 
Telling the truth i'm not really familiar with this but i do know a little bit from my family . According to my grandmother , she said that few family are chosen from the village to do the praying and the tribute to the hungry ghost . People believe that the chosen family will have good luck . One of the family there actually won the lottery for like three times , THREE TIMES !

People will prepare tons of gold paper , foods , paper clothes and etc etc for the tribute . Some people actually put alot of effort for preparing the foods and all .

Sorry for not explaining much on this because I myself are not very familiar with this . If you interested to know more about this , you may google search for more information about Phor Thor . But i do believe all the photo i taken above does explain a bit or less about that night  =) 




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