My Dental Implants

So if you follow my blog , you probably see this coming  =X
I been wearing my dental implants for a month plus now , at first i feel kinda weird without my denture but i never miss my denture days . Telling the truth wearing denture will somehow make your mouth stinks no matter how much you brush your teeth , gargle mouthwash and clean your denture . It somehow still smell pretty funny . The worse part of wearing a denture is that it will sometimes accidentally fell off when you talk or eat .

It happen to me once that i hang out with my friends at night market , then one of my friend treat all of us " mai ya tang " chinese sticky sweet , then when i took my first bite . OPPS , my denture was stuck and i tried to pull it out and my denture was on the sweet ! My friend was like OH-MY-GOODNESS ! I'm sorry =X

Oh ya , and there is this one time i was having dinner with my family , i try to bite the pork ribs on the spoon then my denture fall on the spoon . Then i was like " Daddy , Mummy LOOK ! " . Everyone on the table is like " Yerrrrrrrrrr ! " . Thats so funny  ~ 

Back to my dental implants part , I didnt mention this in blog but i've been visiting dentist every month to my dental implants for over a year now , since the my bicycle accident happen last year .
Source: Google image Search 
Some illustration above is to give you guys a overall idea about how this works . For more and detail information about dental implants please consult a professional dentist . 

I didnt really show a picture of me without my tooth , but i'm gonna show you guys today . 
This picture is a picture right after i remove my broken tooth inside my gums and before my dental implants .
This is a picture of my dental implants on my teeth mold . 
This is a picture of my smile with my dental implants . Dont you think it look awesome . Try to pick out which one is my dental implants =) 

So this is all for now , i will update with you guys again more about my implants =) 



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  3. i'm really glad that my blog post helps =)

  4. I must say that it looked quite the same as your regular teeth. I think that is the best advantage of having dental implants. They look and feel the same as your pearly whites. And they last longer compare to other dental treatments, depending on how well you maintain it.


  5. I also had a couple of old fillings that needed to be replaced. The hygienist there was very professional and worked hard to ensure my visit was comfortable. Her chair was also good.

  6. Traditional removable dentures have a relatively short lifespan. Due to wear and tear and the changing shape of your mouth due to atrophy of the jawbone, your dentures will need to be refitted and replaced.

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