The story of My Ombre Pink Hair

I've been wanted to dye my hair pink for quite some time . #everyoneknowsit 
But then , I will talk aliltle detail about my hair in this post . 
I'm gonna start with the story behind of my obsession about pink hair . 

Okay , about two years ago i was into scene fashion . Scene fashion is something with dark eye make-up , pale lips , big puffy hair and crazy colour highlighted hair extension. Then , i look up on youtube and google i found tons of pictures of pretty girls with pink hair . One of my favourite girl with pink hair is Audrey Kitching. She is kinda like my fashion inspiration . She used to be a scene girl in her teenage years but now she have move on but she still maintain her pink hair. Love Her ! 
After that i keep bugging my mom that i want to dye my whole hair pink . Then my mom told me i will look freaking weird with pink hair cause i'm tanned .Then i told her that Nicki Minaj have pink hair too , then my mom just speechless. Seriously , who say tanned skin people cant rock pink hair , hmm ?? 
I know they are not really tanned , just the make up but still i think that they are rocking with the pink hair ! #seriously
Continue back to my story , I've been bugging my mum since then to allowed me to dye my hair pink . 
Then , last year i'm aliltle crazy with the OMBRE hair because that is like all over the internet . 

Finally this year , my mom allowed me to dye my hair pink , cause everyone is crazy about dip dye .
Since my mom allowed me to dye my hair pink already , i've been doing my research on how to do it myself and about the hair dyes and stuff like that . Most of the bright colour dye like pink , blue , green and more are usually semi-permanent hair dye . The brighter the colour of the dye , the easier it will come off . So it get me think twice on dye-ing my hair pink . I cant get pink hair dye in malaysia , the only way i can get it is through ebay or online stores so it is quite costly since a bottle of hair dye is quite expensive already then it is not permanent means that the maintainace is quite costly for a long term . 
Then , i kinda mix the idea of ombre and dip dye together . If my pink colour faded , then my hair will the ombre effect . So it will somehow still looks good . Hehe ~ 

Yeah , so basically this is how and where the whole genius idea of my come from

feel free to leave me comment and i will reply your questions 



  1. owh heyyy we have the exact same idea on our hair hahahaa
    I wanted to dip dye my hair pink or teal but can't find any pink hair dye in msia wtf
    i even tried the freaking food colouring lmfao ppl do dip dyed their hair with food coloring lol
    anyway i'm still working on how im going to dip dye my hair purple or teal lol idk whys that such a difficult thing to do in msia wtf

    - Y

  2. try to search on ebay . I bought my pink hair dye there . ^^

    - Love , ReeNa

  3. Is it expensive for pink dip dye?


your comment made my day =)