Nineteen !

Wyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! 
I just came back from Penang like an hour ago . I have so much fun there ! 
The food is nice , the shopping is nice , the movie is nice and my birthday cake is the best cake EVER ! 
There is two freaking cockroaches on my cake . SO COOL and SO FREAKING SCARY + DISGUSTING ! 
I was shock when i saw the cake . #willupdatewithpictureslater

Oh ya , when i went shopping with my girlfriend , #A.S.S , i went into Forever 21 . They are having sales and i was walking and looking at those clothes . Then i saw these , Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Lita's .

I was speechless when i saw the shoe , I immediately tried it on .OMG , i first fall in love with these is when i first saw since i saw them on Tumblr and Instagram .
 The original Jeffrey Campbell Lita cost about RM500++  and you cant get it in Malaysia . So i was like super excited when i saw the shoe . Gosh , i cant explain how happy am i . 
The shoe cost RM169 . I wanted to get it so badly i ended up to called my parents in Bangkok . 
But I cant get through , then when i was planning to put it back already my friends were like ," We are getting this pair of shoe for you ". i wanted to shout so badly but i didnt  , i was so excited and i nearly cried . 
I cant believe it man . You know , i look freaking tall when i wore the shoe , i even taller than my guys friend . =X  #opps

This is like the best birthday present EVER , so far ! 

Anyway , I did my hair Hot Pink Ombre on Friday morning before i went to Penang . I will blog about it more in this week and i even recorded the process how i make it so stay tune ~ 

Lastly , 
I want to thank all my friends that plan my Bday celebration and my friends that share to buy me the shoe , i'm really TOUCHED ! 
and Thanks everyone that wished me on Facebook . Thank guys . I love ALL Of  YOU  ! HUG AND KISSES 



  1. Oh Jeffrey Campbell. I have the spiked one :3


your comment made my day =)