Birthday HAUL !

I'm gonna turn into nineteen in few days ~ 
should i be happy ? i guess i am but when i'm think that i'm gonna turn twenty next year , i feel like i'm so old already . OMG ! 
By the way ,  I've been wanted to dye my hair pink a quite some time #sincetwoyearsago , i finally can do it now . Last year , i kind of swear to myself that i die die also must dye my hair pink for my birthday on 2012 , and now i'm pretty close to it already . #wyeee
So yeah , i bought my pink hair dye on online two weeks ago and i receive my parcel , last monday . I'm so freaking excited ! 
I bought two bottle of  La Riche Directions , Carnation Pink hair dye . I was originally ordered the Pastel Pink colour #pastelcolourissointrendrightnow , but i change my mind cause i think that i can do more with a darker pink than a light pink .I can lighten the dark pink but i cant darker the light pink , so get a darker pink is the smarter choice , for me la . LOLS 
Now , my pink dye is ready all i left to do its just to bleach my hair and say HELLO to pink hair ! =)

Today , our campus actually have like this Flea Market where the students can actually set up a stall and sells their stuff . I went there and i saw the " spike ring " , OMFG ! i wanted it like FOREVER already ! #ilovestuds  and they were from BETSEY JOHNSON ! OMG x2 ! I told myself , I must have it ! 
Then , when i tried around other rings , the seller was like telling " Buy 3 rings for RM25 " , OMG i hate that so much cause it is always sounds so freaking cheap when buy in bunch . 
1 ring = RM 9 
3 ring = RM 9 X 3 = RM27 ( price i suppose to pay )
but now its like RM 25 , lols cheaper RM 2 , i ended up bought the white dove double ring which i dont really like .By the way , i thinks that it is still kinda cute if i wear that white dove ring with a white dress or something , lols .  

Then , i walked around and saw like this girl selling contact lenses for RM 15 per pair , its like so cheap . I ended up bought a pair of pink colour one . I was thinking it will match my future pink hair PERFECTLY ! 

Anyways , I'm going to Penang tomorrow with my colleagues and going to celebrate my birthday there . I dont know what to expect from the trip , but I know its gonna be awesome. This year , i was actually planning to celebrate my birthday with my family in KL , but too bad my parents are now in Bangkok so I shall just go have fun with my friends ! WYEEEEEEEEEEEE

PS : I'm buying bleach and bleaching my hair myself tomorrow morning before i go penang . So if i have time i will probably blog about my hair before i left . 

GoodBye for now . Will update more on birthday haul , if i do some crazy shopping in Penang ! < 3  



  1. Hey i saw your hair :D its awesome ,where do you get those LA RICHE HAIR DYE in Malaysia ?? :)

    1. thanks =) , i actually got it online

  2. online , may i know which shop ?


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