3 days 2 night trip to Betong , Thailand . - Part 2 -

Hmm , This is it the second and also the last part of my trip to Betong . This part i'm going to show you guys some place that i went by taking " Tut Tut " . 

The first place we went is the Piyamit Tunnel . Read the descriptions about this tunnel at the 2nd picture .
Before we go inside the tunnel , we need walk into the forest and slowly find the tunnel that build by the communist . 
See I found a place where the communist dry their clothes . They will hang their clothes above the fire . Do you know , last time every communist only have 3 sets of clothes . If they accidentally burn their clothes while they drying it , then they need to wear the burned out clothes . Sad =X

Above is a place where the communist prepare their daily used charcoal .
As i walk higher and higher , i found a group of people aka tourist from some travelling agency . They were listening to their tour guide talking about the history and how the communist survive there .
When i came out from the tunnel , i found the bridal room . The communist used to get married and experience their first night there . Ehem , you know what i mean . 
Then before we go out , there's a Communist museum that showing all the tools and showing how the communist live there .
See . its a fake leg . 0.0
I even taking picture with the Communist statue . 
This is not Otak -Otak actually . its is pulut with coconut . Its taste sweet and the pulut is very tasty . Love it !
Next stop , its time to do some praying . 

 The temple was stunning ! Before we enter inside it , there's some bells that you can hit all around the temple . When you finish hitting all the bells ., it is like a blessing for you . Its fun anyways . 
The temple is located high up on a small hill , so the view looking down from the temple was beautiful .

Its the end of the Betong trip . 

Before you leave my blog , just to tell you about there's time limit when you buying alcohol at Thailand . 
Above its a picture i took at the 7-11 store . 

Thanks for reading everyone . 



  1. Tak bergambar di AYAM BATU ke?

  2. Ayam batu ? tak tau pun kat mana ??

  3. not bad .. i've went to Thailand not long ago but dint get to visit these places...=P

  4. you should visit these places next time . its fun !

  5. Hot Spring in Thai is บ่อน้ำร้อน (Bo Nam Ron). I think someone must hd spoil the signage.

    Any other places you visited in Thailand besides Betong?

  6. erm , sad to say it but the Betong is the only place i've visited in Thailand so far .

  7. hi ryokogurl...can u give more info about betong??plan to go there this saturday..(family trip)....can we drive in???or reach kastam can we take their tour van or something like that???how much??hope u can reply my msg asap...thanks..


  8. Hey nick ,
    its my pleasure to give u some info about it . You cannot drive in your car to Betong . You will need to stop at the kastam there and you may see there are alot of people standing around the parking there and offer or approach to you and ask do u need a taxi or transport to go to the town . Normally if you want to go into the town from the kastam place , u will need to take taxi which can only take in 4 person at a time . That time , my dad ask for two taxi for six people . One taxi , is about RM 30 ++ .
    I hope all this can help you , and enjoy your family trip at Betong and i hope u will get some travel guide from my post .
    Thank You <3

    -ryokogurl aka SeeReeNa-

  9. hi seereena...
    thanks for ur reply...:)..really appriciate it...btw..one more question...did they accept rm??or thai bath will be better??..do u have facebook?i bet u have more photo in fb...:P...i love all the pic...nice and clear...:)


  10. nick ,
    erm , i suggest u to change in baht better because some people will charge you for extra fees when you buy stuff in shop . But its fine to use RM , if you are buying things at the road side . Change to Baht is better , you can use RM for emergency if you run out of it .
    I do have facebook but i all my pictures i posted in here ady =X

    Thanks alot . I'm really happy that i can help .

    Love ,

  11. oo...i see...i think i hv to change some because my mum suggest to go there...not many ppl know this place even some of my friend stay in perak also donno where is betong...:)..
    thanks for the info ya...u really helpful..:)..
    stay cute and heathy ya..
    all the best for u..i hope i can hv a wonderful trip this weekend///..

    take care,

  12. Thank you . Hope your enjoy your holiday .Have fun and good luck =)


  13. hi seereena,
    i really enjoy my trip to betong althought is a few hours trip...and thanks for some information that u given...o..btw...just to tell u actually we can drive in our car,they just need car registration card,(photostat also can)...i think its more fun if drive in...:)...(i bought quite a lot thai snack..hehhee...and i try somtam at hot spring...superb!!!

    nick :)

  14. Nick ,
    I glad you enjoy your trip there .

  15. May I know how much you paid for "tut tut" for whole day trip? from Piyamit Tunnel -> hot spring --> temple --> hotel. I'm going in this school holiday. thanks


  16. Khoosh ,
    The whole day trip is about RM 60 ++ if I didnt mistaken . Hope it helps .Thanks for reading , btw =)



your comment made my day =)