3 days 2 night trip to Betong , Thailand . - Part 1 -

Betong is actually a very small place , its have 3 small towns in it . This town that we travel is one of the small town that only have few streets to walk . I think around 45 mins you can finish visiting the whole town by walking .

We went Betong by car . The journey was freaking far . We left the house at 4.30 am and we reach there about 11am ( Malaysia Time ) , 10 am for Thailand . 
We park our car at the parking lot nearby the Customs Department ,and we need to take cab to go to Thailand .
 After we reach Thailand , we need to pass the Customs Department by showing our passport and fills the form .

When everything is done , theres alot f cab drivers offer you for a ride to go into the town . Pay them , is impossible to walk into the town . 
When you reach the town , there are alot of hotels that offer cheap room rate around RM 70 - RM 200 . 
:) My dad take us to the best hotel in town which is the Grand Mandarin Hotel , that the tallest building in town . 

Our Hotel room view . Nice huh ? 
Before I describe about the living and surounding in Betong , take a look at the photos that I've taken . Its probably better than I describe . Picture more than a thousand words ! 

In Thailand there are actually alot of people still very poor and they can only afford to live like this . This is actually consider better than some citizens that still staying under a house that build from woods or bamboo . 

 Jacky Chan Hotel ? 

 Theres a cat on the magazine stand . Mia0 ~ 
 At Thailand you can find there are mostly motorcycles on the street and everywhere . People there seldom use car or other transport .
See how beautiful is the motorcycle ?

 Can you see there's two soldier sitting there ? You can find a lot of soldiers on the street to look after the citizens . I wonder where are the cops ? 

 People call this TUT TUT . This Tut Tut is like a small van that brings tourist to look around the place . But I can tell you , it is not very safe sitting inside there . =X

 People selling the latex sheet . See properly at the tyre , you will know how heavy it is . 
 Do you know , women in Thailand works harder than mens ? Women in Thailand mostly work harder for all kinds of jobs like kuli , prostitute and others . While mens normally sit at home or just hanging out at coffee shop . So you can mostly find women everywhere in Thailand .

At Thailand you can easily find mineral water everywhere , even the citizens also drinking mineral water . In Thailand , people do not drink the water that comes from the paip , they can only drink mineral water that buy from the stores . This is because the water supplies in Thailand is dirty so the government dont really encourage the people to boil water and drink . 

At night , you can see alot of birds on the wire . See yourself . 

Be smart while you walk around at night , if your are not lucky 
you will find some bird poopies on your head . >3< 

Beautiful night .

Foods <3
When go to Thailand , you really must , i say must you know , must try the chicken rice . Thailand Chicken rice is way way better than Hainam Chicken Rice . Try it ! My mom say the chicken in Thailand also different that the chicken in malaysia . The chicken there have a long neck . 0.0 

See the chicken neck ! 

At thailand , i find those people store their drinks slightly different , they usually store coconut juice , Sugarcane juice in the bottle bellow in the pictures . Weird ? 

Is a soup .  I dont what people call this in English . I only know it call " Yue Piu Thong " in cantonese .
 Is a sup that cook with fish organs . Its sticky and jellish .

This small town that i went to at Betong ( sorry i dont know what the town named )  , have a small street that sells alot of food just like KL , Chow Kit road . Prostitute also got oh ! 
This street is located beside the pink colour ATM machine . 


This dessert taste weird just like how it looks like . The white layer is coconut milk . And the dessert taste salty with aliltle bit of sweetness .

When talking about food in thailand , One of my favourite is SOM TAM . The Som Tam their is so much better compare to those Som Tam that you will get it here . There , they even add small cooked crab into the Som Tam . Cool huh ? 

 See !

 The Som Tam looks like this . If you wondering how it is taste like with Crab ? 
I can tell you it was superb nice .  Oh , if your the kind of people cannot really eat chili , try to use your body language to tell them not to put . 
Because they put alot of chili if you didnt tell them not to put .
 I swear your lips will look just like Angelina Jolie lips after you finish this . I try it myself ! 

 This is one kind of coconut cake . Its soft and salty at the inside but dry at the outside . Nice !
 Mango Rice . I guess people who like mango loves this right . At Thailand they will just ask you to choose a mango you like and they will serve you the whole mango .
 Not like KL they only give you a quarter, so kiam siap .  

 This is one of the food that i find is interesting . This is actually sausage . They put alot of pepper inside it so its kinda hot .
 Another coconut dessert . Taste weird . Its salty . XP 
 This is their Asam laksa . It taste like curry mee . 

The 1st day when i'm there , we had like Thai BBQ for supper . I totally regret it . Because I had stomachache at the second day . It was an terrible day . I guess all BBQ style taste the same is just the matter of cleanness . Dont be like me guys .  

Most of the time when i'm there , I love to shop at 7-11 . I'm serious . Things at 7-11 there is so much cheaper compare to Malaysia . And their food packaging is just so cute and cheap . See ! 
All these , from instant noodles , box drinks and sweets 
is just RM 1 . ( 10 baht  )

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  1. I love your story and those pictures looked great!

  2. Thank you for this awesome post! I feel being there, walking at those streets, meet those peoples! Thank you!

  3. Good stories, tips and information.. Hope you can stay with us next trip at Modern Thai Hotel just near Clock Tower. We will pin your bog post on our Pinterest Board too! ^^

  4. Nice blog you're got there... who's the girl in red? your sister? mind intro?

  5. Hi U, what actually can we buy from Betong? any interesting items to look for? gadgets? toys? souvenirs etc..etc...am interested to go there soon....:)

    1. Thailand life is really fantastic and exciting place to visit. Koh Samui villa for sale is also beautiful to have comfortable stay.


  6. Where is Betong? Is it near to Hadyai?

  7. Thanks for sharing your story.!! I have read a lot of positive blog post about Thailand and hopefully I will be able to visit this country in the future...

  8. I would like to know how did you booked for the hotel room in Betong? Did you booked before going or book while you reached there? I am planning to go but I can not book the hotel room in any website like agoda or tripadvisor...

  9. betong is four and a half hours from hat yai and more than two from yala. the closest biggish town is penang. No need to book hotels really except for the weekends maybe, but there are quite a few hotels. that big one this dude stayed at is the grand mandarin betong which is about 10 stories high, I'd hardly believe it was ever fully booked, but its expensive.


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