Friday, August 29, 2014


makeup by one direction
makeup by one direction

image source//Markwins beauty

For all the One Directions fans out there, I'm excited to tell all of you that the wait is now over ! Makeup by One Direction is now available at Macy's! This "The Looks Collection " compromised three keepsake tins that is inspired by One Direction's albums, "Up All Night " , " Take Me Home " and "Midnight Memories " . This collection covers from the rock & roll girls' style to the girl next door . 
In every makeup kit, there's includes a lip gloss, a lipstick, a mascara, a bottle of nail polish , a eye & body crayon and also a 4+1 eyeshadow palette .Besides , there is also a 5 piece stencil set decorator that is included in the makeup kit . 

What can I say ? This limited edition makeup collection is just perfect for teenagers who are just starting learning to put on makeup. Now, there is a chance for you to win a limited edition autographed makeup kit from One Direction . To enter the giveaway you will need to enter your email, like the Make-up By One Direction FB page & post a tweet on TwitterAdditional entries can be earned by referring this giveaway to your friends, pinned this giveaway on pinterest, or follow @Makeupby1D Twitter page. 
The more entries the higher the chance of winning.

FYI :There is up to 50 limited edition makeup sets will be given away. 

PS: This contest is for US & Canada only.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Miss Hanna Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

These are eyeliner are god made , and i'm not even joking . They are sweat proof , waterproof  and best of all they dont smudge easily . For people who often used pencil eyeliner to lined their inner eye waterline or roots often encounter the smudging problem under your eyes after one or two hour . But if you used these babies to draw it , you wont have that problem at all . From the second picture above , you can clearly see that the eyeliner still stays after i put it under a running tap water . If you guys have read about my previous post on these bad ass eyeliners in the other two color , you can read it here . To compare these with the ones that I'ved reviewed before , these have glitters on it while thprevious one I'ved reviewed dont .   .  

My mom and my sisters are going crazy with these eyeliners after I lend them to try it out. So for you people who havent tried this eyeliner out , you really have no idea what you'ved missed . This eyeliner will definitely make you dump away all the eyeliner you've owned before this .  My mom had already asked me get to a few more of these , no joke . 

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Lazy Makeup Removal Routine

biore , biore cleansing oil , biore makeup removing facial foam
I'm the laziest person when comes to removing my makeup at night. I love putting on makeup in the morning, but I just hate to remove it at night cause for me that is just too much work to do after a long day . Sometimes I just feel so lazy to remove it at night , so i choose to not putting any makeup in the morning . But recently i'ved develop a routine to ease the job. I'ved found the Biore makeup removering line are designed for people like me. I'ved been using their cleansing oil for a while now, but recently they have come out the makeup removing facial foam and i just love it .
I don't use the facial foam every night, I just used it when I feel really really tired .To make sure that I really get all my makeup off my face , I used a pore brush . My pore brush looks a bit greenish in the picture is because I accidentally stained it with my seaweed mud masks.
I'm not a person who likes to remove makeup by using cotton pad or wipes, that is because using cotton wipes is just too troublesome and using wipes are just too costly . Thus, using cleansing oil is a faster and much pocket friendly solution for me .

If you have no idea how to use cleansing oil, just have a look at the steps below =)
cleansing oil , how to use cleansing oil
image source // google

What your makeup removal routine??

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


godus hacks

I know that this is definitely off-genre, but, I'ved been playing this game 24/7 for the past few days and I'ved discovered some really useful tricks so I thought that I could share it with you guys just in case you guys play this game too . Just to give you guys a rough idea on what this game is about , for me this game is like a merge between The Sims and Hay Day . You get to play god role in this game by sculpting a beautiful world for your followers . 

Below are some few tips that i would like to share 

  •  Build as much Abodes as you can at first, then upgrade to settlement to gain more followers to help you to complete the mission to get more cards.
  • Sculpt the land wisely with belief . *To saves space, sculpt a big part of land first before you start to build abodes . 
  • In order to have mining areas and farms , you first need to build the Farming / Mining settlement first . Then leave the area around the settlement to be empty to build the mining / farming area by double clicking the settlement or you can just draw leash to lead your farmers / miners to build at those empty areas . *Do not click on your builder, after you have built the settlement if you do no wish to build abodes on the empty areas . 
  • Build at least two farming area , to unlock the emptied farming area nearby . 
  • Log in and log out of the game to refresh / unlock more chest  location .
  • If your follower is lost, click and hold on the follower and redraw the leash to guide them to the destination . 
  • To gain more happiness & belief  , build trees with god power nearby the abodes & settlements . 
  • Use the purity rain to reduce the time to complete the harvest or mining  . 
  • Beautify the city , to boost up the happiness . 
  • To scare away the Astarian without using belief , you can click on the land nearby them . 
  • Avoid losing follower by making sure your followers are happy . *Just make sure that your follower bar stats are higher than the Astarians

 you can understand more about the games feature at GodusWiki 

If these tricks work for you, leave me a comment down below =) 

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