Friday, January 16, 2015


x-detoxx , detox drink

I'ved been doing a 7 day program by drinking a packet of x-detoxx every morning before meal . This definitely helps me to lose my weight that I've gained over the semester break . After I had this every morning , I do realize that there is some changes such as, I don't easily feel hungry through out the day , It improve my bowel movement and it helps to reduce stomach bloatiness .Whats great about this is that it is 100% made from natural ingredient so it won't give your body any side effects. It taste like spirulina , and it has a consistency like diluted jello . This definitely taste so much better than I imagine it would taste like , it actually taste pretty good for a detox drink .

This has help me lose like 1kg or 2 kg in just seven days and my body feels great after drinking this . I would say that I'm definitely a detox person , I love doing detoxing . It ways make my body feels light and clean if you know what am I talking about . If you have no idea what am I talking about , maybe you should try doing detoxing to feel what i feel =)   

Disclaimer :  send this product to me for reviewing purpose . But this does not affect my real thoughts and opinions on this product . 

Friday, December 26, 2014


This new Mua Luxe Velvet Lip lacquer is amazing, This is a liquid lipstick that will turn matte when it dries up. The color is super pigmented and it is super easy to glide on my lips. The formula definitely makes my lips a little too dry. As you can see how it matte up when I applied it on the back of my hand. As you can see, the thicker the layer is, the easier it will crack up. So it is better for you to apply a thin layer instead of a thick layer of the lipstick. This obviously doesn't smudge and it doesn't transfer easily. Only minimal of lipstick has transfer on my cup.

This red color is definitely perfect for Christmas and this lipstick is definitely a must for you guys who loves matte lipstick.

I'm here to wish everyone Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Early October, I get to chance to go for the best for a short vacation. It's been a long time since the last time I went to the beach. It is the first time I went to one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia, which is the Redang Island. The water is clear as glass and the sand is just so soft and white. The whole time I was there , I spend most of the time for snorkelling .

Snorkelling for me is definitely a new and exciting experience for me since it is my first time doing it .  I got a panic attack on my first try , cause we were literally floating in the middle of the sea and my toes can seem to touch the ground and I'm scared to death . I definitely don't enjoy it at first, but in the next snorkelling session, we were brought to the marine park and it was so so so beautiful . 

The water there is even cleaner than anywhere else and I'm swimming side by side with all the colorful fishes. The experience is definitely unforgettable. We were told to bring along some breads to feed the fishes, and all the fishes will just swim towards you and bite the bread off . I would hold some bread in my hand and let the fish bite it off my hand. It doesn't hurt at all , but I definitely feel a little itchy after the bite . 

The sea is full with corals, some are still alive, but most of them its already dead. They definitely hurt and cuts when you step on them. I definitely enjoy my vacation to the fullest and I'll definitely go back there again ! 

Friday, November 7, 2014


asian with blonde hair , blonde hair asian

About a month ago , I finally go blonde . I went to a salon to bleach all my hair cause I have no confidence in doing the whole head myself .  Going to a salon doing all the bleaching burns the hell of my pocket , it cost me 400 bucks , ouch ! I definitely have no plans on going back to the salon to get my roots done , I'm planning on doing it myself .
For people who are planning to go blonde or bleach their hair , there are few things you'll need to know before you do it .

No matter how , you'll still feel tingling and itchy feeling when the bleach it on your head . So make sure you dont scratch your scalp and wash your hair few days before bleaching your hair , If you have wounds on your scalp , the bleach will definitely burns the hell out of you . Trust me , the feeling is pretty unbearable , ived tried it once and i know it !

Once you have bleached your hair, your hair is no more the same as before . No matter how much treatment and conditioner you put on your hair, it just won't be like how it used to anymore.
Before this my hair will still be smooth when its wet , but now my hair just feels like dry sticks when its wet and it is uncomb-able if I dont used enough conditioner.

The longer the days you skip shampoo-ing your hair , the darker the shade of your blonde hair . You can slowly see the changes in the color of your hair . On the first day or right after you shampoo your hair , my hair color will look bright and light, but when its on the third or fourth day , my hair will just look dull and the colors will look a shade darker than before . 

When you have blonde hair, you can practically see how much your hair grows in a day,
Blonde hair needs a lot of maintenance and it mainly needs to you touch up your roots every once in a while and you need to spend some money on purple shampoo to tone your hair . If you don't use a purple shampoo or hair toner to tone your hair color once in a while , after some time you'll see that your hair color looks orangey and that is just disgusting .

Even though having blonde hair cost a bomb in my pocket and it damages my hair, but still I love being blonde because BLONDE REALLY DO HAVE MORE FUN !